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SkinChat Business Consulting

Nov 8, 2023

Nov 8, 2023

AI chatbots can take your cosmetic store to the next level

AI chatbots can take your cosmetic store to the next level

AI chatbots can take your cosmetic store to the next level

🤔 What is an AI chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to simulate human conversation to understand and automatically respond to customer questions. In short, it is a software that can communicate naturally with humans by understanding commands (=natural language) such as human voice or text and providing solutions. 

How an AI Chatbot works

Many companies are adopting AI chatbots for customer solutions and as virtual agents to support employees in improving CX. Generally, the adoption of chatbots in customer service reduces customer service costs and improves customer service. They are also effective in shortening the sales cycle, generating leads, and increasing customer loyalty. 

As such, the chatbot market is expected to grow to $42 trillion in the upcoming year 2030. Market Research Future (MRF), a global market analyst firm, predicted in its Conversational AI Market Research Report in March 2023 that the pure AI chatbot solutions market alone will reach $42.45 trillion. With the estimated rapidly growing market for AI chatbots, companies that want to stay competitive will need to incorporate them into their operations.

💼 How can you utilize AI chatbots
in your business? 

There are many ways to make AI chatbots work for your business, and it's important to have an appropriate strategy that takes into account your business goals and customer needs. This should be accompanied by ongoing monitoring and evaluation to improve performance. Here are five examples of how AI chatbots can be used for business. 

1. Customer service and support:

You can use AI chatbots to quickly respond to customer queries and resolve issues. This can increase customer satisfaction and improve the quality of customer service.

2. Order and reservation management:

AI chatbots can be used to process reservations and orders in hospitals, e-commerce sites, and more. This can help automate the booking and ordering process and increase efficiency.

3. Provide information:

You can make it easy for your customers to get the information they need by building an AI chatbot that provides information about your products or services and answers users' questions. 

4. Internal process improvement:

You can utilize AI chatbots for internal process improvement to automatically answer employees' questions and increase work efficiency. 

5. Data collection and analysis:

AI chatbots allow you to collect and analyze data from user interactions to gain business insights. 

⚖️ What makes SkinChat
different from other AI chatbots?

SkinChat product is a Vision AI chatbot that integrates Vision AI with LLM (a very large language model) and dermatology DB (database). Unlike cosmetics companies and dermatology hardware companies, SkinChat's creator, ART Lab, has been an AI startup since its inception, so it has an excellent team that adopts and fuses new technologies and can quickly integrate LLM technologies such as GPT. 

Previously, ART Lab's AI was limited to analyzing faces with a phone camera and delivering a result page like a checkup sheet, but it was not easy for customers to interpret it and find a solution. By combining it with LLM, SkinChat can solve specific questions and answers instead of a general checkup sheet. For example, questions like, "What is the redness on my right face? What product should I use to get rid of it?" can be addressed naturally.

If SkinChat only had an LLM like ChatGPT, the answers would be inaccurate and we wouldn't be able to see the individual's skin and provide them with a personalized consultation. On the other hand, if we only had Vision AI, we would be able to get a general checkup report, but we wouldn't be able to point out the problems and solutions that our users needed. Therefore, by integrating both these advanced AI technologies into SkinChat, we have created an unparalleled user experience for interactive communication with an AI skin counsellor. While in the future, there will be several AI agents that specialize in various fields, SkinChat is an AI skincare agent that is ahead of its time. 

🛠️ Visionary AI chatbot SkinChat,
how can you utilize it in your skincare business?

We explored five ways that customers can grow their business by utilizing chatbot services. Now we'll show you how to grow your cosmetic mall business quickly by using VisionAI's SkinChat chatbot.

1. 24/7 customer service and support:

AI chatbots can provide services 24/7, regardless of time and place. This helps customers shop for cosmetics whenever it's convenient for them, increasing customer satisfaction and improving the quality of customer service.

2. Personalized recommendations:

The technology in Vision AI can analyze your customers' skin conditions and recommend the products they need most. In addition to diagnosing skin types such as oily, dry, and combination skin, you can also differentiate between types of acne, etc. You'll minimize the chances of someone buying a product that doesn't suit them and ruining their customer experience. 

3. Improve customer support:

Beyond providing information about your product or service, you can make it easy for your customers to get the information they need by building an AI chatbot that answers their questions. This helps with purchase decisions and improves customer experience.  

4. Reduce costs and improve efficiency:

Because chatbots are conversation-based, they can handle high volumes of customer inquiries automatically. This reduces the workload on your CX team and saves you money. 

5. Collect and analyze customer data:

Chatbots can be used to collect customer opinions and feedback. You can collect and analyze user interaction data to gain business insights. 

Log on to right now and imagine the synergy between your business and SkinChat. SkinChat is open to all chains such as cosmetic malls, dermatology clinics, and skin care shops. Feel free to contact us at for collaboration.

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